K Misting shower with four (three) flowers

The flower-shaped misting shower K creates, by means of special jet in each blossom, a mist that helps to cool children during hot summer days. The shower is designed for kindergartens and nurseries, playgrounds, and for all places where there is a risk of overheating and sunburn of the kids.

The shower is made of stainless steel, the stalks and the blossoms are then powder painted with green, red and yellow komaxite.

The shower is standardly produced with 4 flowers (K4) – to be placed in the open area or with 3 flowers (K3) – to be placed in the corner. Mounting of the shower is possible by means of bolting structure (Š) or by means of concrete structure (B). Operation of the shower can be placed directly on the column – covered operation valve (V), or it can have external water control elsewhere.

We recommend to disassemble the shower in the above-ground area before the winter. A winter protective cap is included in the delivery.

Package contents

  • bolted (Š) or concrete (B) structure (according to the version type)
  • operation valve V (according to the version type)
  • winter protective cap
  • bell jar for valve and bolting
  • column
  • powder painted green stalks (3 or 4 pcs. according to the version type)
  • red and yellow blossoms with misting jets (3 or 4 pcs. according to the version type)

other designs – misting frames, rotating aircrafts, etc.
combination of shower heads and misting jets

Material stainless steel
Water supply G 1/2"
Water flow 40 l / hour / jet
  • Concrete structure B
  • Set up an opening according to the scheme for concreting the structure
  • Set up water inlet G 1/2" according to the scheme
  • Bolted structure Š
  • Set up concrete base for bolting the structure by means of stud bolts and concrete anchors
  • In the concrete base set up a groove with water inlet according to the scheme
  • For the version with external operation (version type without V) opening and closing of water supply must be solved
  • The backward gradient of water inlet for water discharge out of the shower (for winter season) must be solved

Misting shower with concrete structure

  • K
  • n

  • V
    operation valve (only version with valve)
  • n

  • B
    concrete structure

Misting shower with bolted structure

  • K
  • n

  • V
    operation valve (only version with valve)
  • n

  • Š
    bolted structure