SPS 04 pyramidal shower column

The SPS 04 pyramidal column represents an innovation among shower columns. Its entirely stainless-steel design is based on the SPS 01 column. Thanks to its resistant all-stainless design, it is suitable for location in public places – aquaparks, swimming pools, swimming baths, sports facilities.

SPS 04 is equipped with one or two shower heads. Water is turned on by a push valve. To order, it may be equipped with thermostatic valves, or control by piezo buttons.

The columns are made of stainless-steel of the AISI 304 class. Custom-made from another material (e. g., AISI 316).

For treatment of stainless-steel products, we recommend use of the Würth agent – preservation (order No. 0893 121 K), cleaning (order No. 893 121 1). For treatment of chromium-plated parts, we recommend the Larrin agent.

In addition to the shower columns SPS 01 and SPS 04, we also offer stainless-steel shower columns with solar water heating SPS 02 (volume: 28 l) and SPS 03 (volume: 60 l).

Package contents

  • all-stainless-steel column
  • press valve 1, 2 pcs.
  • shower head 1, 2 pcs.
  • anchoring structure
  • connecting material
Water supply G 1/2"
Water pressure 2 - 6 Bar
Water flow aprox. 9 l/min (per one shower head)
Dimensions 200x150x1990 mm
Weight 25 kg
  • Correspondingly compacted floor (concrete, etc.).
  • Set up water inlet G 1/2".

  • A
    water inlet
  • n

  • T
    press valve