Wash basin grab bars

For its safe and comfortable use, it is convenient to fit a wash basin with grab bars that the user can support themselves with without the risk of ripping the wash basin off the wall. Grab bars can be installed on both sides of the wash basin, and the wash basin itself can be fitted with
a trap protector to prevent accidental damage to the drain, for example, by a wheel chair.

Grab bars are made with the following surface finish options:

  • White, powder-coated
  • Polished
  • Brushed (matte)

With or without anchor screw covers.

Complete delivery

  • Grab bar
  • Fasteners
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  • Combined wash basin grab bar:
    • Dimensions: depth 500 mm
    • Stainless-steel pipe diameter: d=32 mm;
  • Trap protector:
    • Dimensions: 250x450 mm
    • Stainless-steel pipe diameter: d=32 mm;

For installation, use a drill bit with a diameter matching that of the supplied wall plugs.
To attach the bar to a wall using the supplied screws and wall plugs, it is necessary to use all of the anchoring holes.

The supplied fasteners are intended for walls with adequate load-bearing capacity (solid brick, concrete). For walls made from different materials, it is necessary to choose appropriate fasteners.

Combined wash basin grab bar:

Trap protector: