AFO 05 wall-mounted st. steel drinking fountain – conical

AFO 05 is a stainless-steel housed drinking fountain of a modern design with an easy operation – the fountain is fitted with a push valve and the water runs as long as the valve is pressed down. The water inlet is through a flexible hose; siphon trap is made of a flexible coupling.

The flexible design of the water inlet and outlet enables variable connection of the fountain. The height of mounting should be according to is location – e.g. in schools, etc.

Water inlet G 1/2“ internal thread (marked A)
Water pressure 1 - 10 Bar - recommended 3 Bar
Outlet d = 40 mm (marked D)
Internal dimension of the fountain 245 mm
Overall dimensions 300 × 350 × 250 mm
Weight 4 kg
  • Set up water inlet –Tr 1/2“ according to the scheme. The water inlet must be fitted with fine filter (100 micron) to remove mechanical impurities from water, which significantly improves the realibility of the pressure valve. Damage of the mechanism due to the impurities is not subject to complaint.
  • Set up outlet for flexible coupling d=40.
  • Regarding to the flexible water inlet and outlet, the given connecting dimensions are only recommended. Water inlet and outlet can be connected as desired within the limits of connecting material and the space in the rear part of the fountain.

AFO 05 - figure

AFO 05 - figure

    • A – water inlet G 1/2“ internal thread
    • D – outlet d = 40 mm

Scheme of hanging

AFO 05 schéma zavěšení


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