ZAS 3 token-operated shower unit

ZAS 3 is intended for regulated shower usage. A special shaped token is used for its activation. A token scanner is built-in to the surface of the shower armature. This solution simplifies the usage of the control and enables prolonging of the showering time by inserting another token in the shower cabin itself. After inserting a token, water starts to flow. The user operates the shower by pressing a START/STOP piezo button. The automat is monitoring the amount of water that was used, not the time of stay in the shower cabin. The amount of remaining water is indicated on a column LED display on the shower panel.
The amount of the water released after inserting one token is easily adjusted on the token scanner. The tokens, type ZT 1, are manufactured from a profiled stainless steel metal sheet.
ZAS 3 is designed for wall assembly onto existing water inlets. No additional construction work is required.
The token automat is also equipped with the function “UNPAID MODE”, which is suitable e.g. for all-inclusive places. The standard delivery of ZAS 3 now includes shower arm SP 4 which is, same as SP 3, vandal-proof. The plastic handle of thermostatic valve was replaced by stainless steel handle. The new handle is more resistant against willful damage and also prevents the rotating part of the valve (for setting the water temperature) from ingrowth of boiler incrustation. Another new component is piezo button controlling the water flow which is more vandal-proof then previous standard button. The price of ZAS 3 is not changed!
ZAS 3 is newly equipped with a shelf for soap and shower gel.
The shower automat ZAS 3 is standardly made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1,4301). Other material (e.g. AISI 316) made to order. For product maintenance is recommended detergent Würth: metal restorer (no. 0893 121 K); metal care (no. 893 121 1).

Package contents

  • stainless steel casing
  • token scanner
  • START – STOP electronics
  • box for tokens
  • casing of the box with a lock
  • electromagnetic valve
  • thermostatic valve (ZAS 3.TV)with stainless steel handle
  • corner valve (ZAS 3.TV – 2 pcs.)
  • piezo button
  • shower arm SP 4
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
ZAS 3.1 On demand On demand
ZAS 3.TV On demand On demand
Water inlet G 1/2”
Water pressure 1 - 10 bar (0,1 – 1,0 MPa)
Power supply 12V, 50Hz
Power requirement 6 VA
Source of power supply ZAC 1/20 (max. 3x ZAS 3)
ZAC 1/50 (max. 8x ZAS3)
Type of tokens ZT 1
Time of showering 10 sec. – 42,5 min.
Weight 12 kg
  • Set up cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC (two-core cable for paid mode, three-core cable for unpaid mode)
  • Installation of ZAS does not need any particular construction setting. Its construction enables connection on to existing water inlets with spacing from 90 to 160 mm, at the height of aprox. 1200 mm (as per picture).

    • A
      cold water (ZAS 3.TV), premixed water (ZAS 3.1)


    • B
      hot water


    • C
      el. supply 12V, 50Hz


    • K
      box for coins


    • L
      bar graph


  • T
    piezo button