AFO 06 INV stand-alone drinking fountain for people with reduced mobility

The drinking fountain AFO 06 INV is specially designed to be used (not exclusively) by people with reduced mobility. With its innovative design it will be standing out everywhere where installed. AFO 06 INV is 83 cm high in accordance with the recommendations for similar products.

The frame is built for attachment into the concrete base with a set of chemical anchors. Inner part of the fountain where there are all the mechanical parts, is protected with removable stainless-steel cover including a lock as well. Surface is in the brushed finish.

The water inlet is made by flexible hose. AFO 06 INV is equipped with siphon. Flexible design of both inlet and outlet (with a flexible coupling) enables variable and seemless connection of the fountain. The fountain is controlled by a pressure valve.

AFO 06 INV is made of stainless steel AISI 304. It can be produced also from AISI 316 which is more suitable for facilities with a bigger concentration of chloride.

For cleaning and maintenance, it is adviced to use detergents of Würth – preservation ( 0893 121 K), cleaner ( 893 121 1).

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Package content:

  • stainless-steel frame
  • pressure valve with nozzle
  • fixing base
  • waste outlet
  • connection and waste hoses
  • installation material

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