BSAZ 5 Wall module construction for WC with vandal-resistant st.steel cover

BSAZ 5 is a wall module for wall mounted toilets equipped with anti-vandal stainless steel cover – with resistant stainless safety buttons. The cover is screwed by security bolts therefore it cannot be dismounted without special tools. The system is suitable for spaces where toilet flushing from a cistern is required but where, on the other hand, there is a threat of damaging of usual plastic covers. The robust anti-vandal stainless cover contains stainless control buttons resistant to damage (unlike the usual plastic buttons).

The cover of BSAZ 5 is manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304. Other materials (e.g. AISI 316) possible on order. For cleaning we recomnned WÜRTH detergents – material preservation (no. 0893 121 K) and material cleaning (no. 893 121 1).

Package contents

  • wall module with cistern
  • st.steel cover with vandal-proof buttons

st.steel cover BSAZ 5 – separate st.steel cover with vandal-resistant buttons. Can be used only with the wall module from AZP Brno s.r.o.

Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
BSAZ 5 On demand On demand
Dimensions of wall module (1000–1200) × 510 × (160–200) mm
Dimensions of st.steel cover 510 × 230 × 30 mm
Water inlet G 1/2"
Outlet DN 100
  • Space for mounting the wall module
  • Water inlet G 1/2"
  • Waste pipe for outlet connection (DN 100)

  • A
    water inlet G 1/2"
  • n

  • D
    outlet DN 100