BSAZ 01P vandal resistant toilet fluhing system

BSAZ 01P is recessed vandal resistant toilet flushing system. Construction of unit is intended for pressure flushing in restrooms, where is the risk of wilful damage is high (penitantiaries, public toilets). Control unit is covered by 3 mm st. steel sheet. Flushing system is controlled by vandal resistant pieyo button placed on frontal cover.. Cover is fixed bz safetz screwsinto recessed unit with all necessarz fitings.
Description of functions:
After press the pieyo button, electromagnetic valve is opened – water runs for adjusted time. Flushing system has function for water safe – so called forced pause, which can be set after two flushings. Flushing szstem is inactive for adjusted period. So it is not possible to flush alll the time and waste water.

Package contents

  • assembly box with electormagnetic valve, electronic, screw fittings
  • frontal cover sheet with piezo button
fronatal panel dimensions 250 x 180 mm
supply voltage 12 V, 50 Hz
required power max. 6 VA
water pressure 0,1 - 1 MPa
adjustable flushing period 0 s - 250 s in 1 s
adjustable pause period 10 s - 42,5 min. in10 s
power supply ZAC 1/20 (max. 3 x BSAZ 01P)
  ZAC 1/50 (max. 8 x BSAZ 01P)
  ZAC 1/36L (max. 6 x BSAZ 01P)
  • Set the opening for instalation in dimension 230 x 160 x 120 mm
  • Set the supply cable for voltage 12V, 50 Hz (from ZAC)
  • Set the water inlet pipe

  • A
    water inlet G 1" (3/4") female thread
  • n

  • C
    el. cable CYKY 2 x 1,5
  • n

  • G
    water outlet for G 1" (3/4") female thread into toilet