AUZ 010 INV vandal-resistant stainless-steel standing closet, for the disabled, back drain

AUZ 010 INV is a stainless-steel standing WC in matt design for the disabled. The closet is based on the standard AUZ 010, which is heightened and lengthened to fulfil the directive regarding products for disabled persons. The closet includes a removable backrest recommended by the League for the rights of the wheelchair bound. In the vandal-resistant design, the closet has no seat so that there is nothing which can be damaged on it. The drain is directed backwards (version with bottom drain AUZ 04 INV).

It is suitable to supplement the closet with an automatic pressure-water flushing device with delayed flushing AUZ 3 INV (suitable for the disabled) or any flushing device with a cistern.

Because of its high resistance to damage, the AUZ 010 INV is intended mainly for social facilities with expected higher loads, such as highway lay-bays, public houses etc. where easy hygiene maintenance is required.

Further closet versions can be found in the section Stainless-steel closets or Stainless-steel safety closets.

Package contents

  • Stainless steel closet
  • Anchoring material
  • Stainless-steel backrest

AUZ 3 INV – vandal resistant pressure flushing system for disabled

Water inlet d= 34-50 mm
Min. water flow 70 l/min
Outlet d= 90 mm
Weight 26 kg
  • Set-up outlet d = 110 mm including rubber sleeve for pipe d = 90 mm.
  • Set-up water inlet d= 34-50 mm according to chosen sealing.