ZAS 6 token operated shower panel without mixer

ZAS 6 is simple wall mounted shower automat intended for water usage reulation. It is suitable wherever put limits on water consumption is needed. Automat can save costs for water and its heating. Automat is activated automatically after insert special shaped token ZT 1 – time is set aby owner. Turning of water has no influence on set time. User is notified by pulsing waterflow and by LED diod blinking, when showering is going to be finished. St. steel panel is designed as a part between existed shower faucet and water inlets. Faucet is not part of delivery.
Shower automat ZAS 6 is delivered either for water inlets pitch 100 mm or 150 mm. Only power suplly 12V is required to be connect form power supply ZAC. Inserted tokens are accesible in the lower part of automat.
Automat is simplier version of more sophisticated ZAS 3 (more vandal-resistant, more economical – 9 l/ min, more user friendly – displays time of showering).

Package contents

  • st. steel panel
  • token detector
  • electronics
  • el. magnetic valves 2 pcs.
  • lock and keys for token box
  • fittings for shower mixer installation
  • assembly material

Shower mixer is not part of delivery

Power supply ZAC.
token ZT 1
Wall mounted faucet (themostatic, mixer)

dimensions 270 x 400 x 57 mm
material st. steel AISI 304, tl. 1,5 mm
voltage 12 V, 50 Hz
input power 10 VA (at rest 2 VA)
power suppl.y ZAC 1/20 (max 2 x ZAS 6)
  ZAC 1/50 (max 5 x ZAS 6)
  ZAC 1/36L (max. 3 x ZAS 6)
water inlets pitch 100 or 150 mm (according to product version)
useable tokens ZT 1
possible time of setting of showering 10 s - 42,5 min
  • Bring cable 12 V, 50 Hz from power supply ZAC to the back of unit
  • Set up water inlet pipes in pitch either 100 or 150 mm (according to mixer)
  • Install chosen shower mixer

ZAS 6.150 - for pitch 150 mm

ZAS 6.150 - for pitch 150 mm

  • C
    power supply cable 12V, 50 Hz
  • n

  • Note
    for ZAS 6.100 is pitch 100 mm, other dettials are identical