ZAS 1 subsurface token-operated shower automat

ZAS 1 – token-operated shower automat designated to be built-in the wall. Delivery consists of token-operated automat with signalling of remaining water and armature with water meter (SA 11.V), intended to be built-in the wall. For power supply is recommended power supply ZAC 1/20 or ZAC 1/50 for standard function and ZAC 1/50T for special function.
Standard function
After inserting the token, the user is given preset amount of hot water, which he can operate by pressing the START/STOP piezo button. The amount of remaining water is indicated on a column LED display on the shower panel. Hot water stops flowing after the credit has been used up – cold water will keep running without credit. Prepaid hot water can be used at more places (e.g. shower and washbasin), because the amount of flowing water is measured in armature with water meter.
Special function
The owner can set up the automat for „unpaid mode“ for preset amount of hot water. The user is for example given hot water in amount equal to five tokens for each day which he can use free of charge. If he exceeds this preset amount, further consumption of hot water can be activated only with additional token – see the „standard function“ above.
If power supply ZAC 1/50T is used the new adjustment of unpaid amount of water will be activated regualrly each 24 hrs.
The shower automat ZAS 1 is standardly made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1,4301). Other material (e.g. AISI 316) made to order. For product maintenance is recommended detergent Würth: metal restorer (no. 0893 121 K); metal care (no. 893 121 1).

Package contents

  • token automat: stainless steel box
  • token scanner
  • electronics with signalling of remaining
  • box for tokens
  • casing of the box with a lock

Shower panel SA 11.V

  • installation plastic box
  • electromagneti valve with water meter
  • output and input bolting
  • stainless steel cover
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
ZAS 1 On demand On demand
Power supply 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement 6 VA
Type of tokens ZT 1
Adjustable amount of water per token 0,5–120 l in 0,5 l steps
Adjustable amount of tokens „free of charge“ max. 10 tokens
  • Set up alcove for the controll (380 × 100 × 80) and shower panel (d 150 × 80) installation
  • Set up cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC
    – for standard function 2 cores (diameter 0,5–1 mm)
    – for special function 4 cores (diameter 0,5–1 mm)
  • Set up hot water inlet into the panel SA 11.V and its distribution into the places of use (shower, washbasin..)
  • Set up cable between the panel and automat – 5 cores (e.g. JYTY 7 x 1).