OZ 03 stainless steel floor channels with 6 mm slit, connectible

OZ 03 is an assembly of floor gully and slot channels with a slit of 6 mm. The floor gully OZ 03.V with braz and 6 mm slit is the basic element of the assembly. By means of HT connections it is possible to connect up to 2 pieces of slot channels OZ 03.Z to the gully. Channels are manufactured in two standard lengths – 1250 mm and 2500 mm. Other lengths are possible on order. The channel is equipped by external braces; liquid flow is not constrained in any way. Both, floor gully and channel include flanges for waterproofing. The channels are not declined toward the gully. The outlet of the gully is in standard version directed down, on order it can be directed to the side.
Products are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel or from chemically resistant AISI 316 stainless steel.
Custom-made channels can be adjusted according to your requirements – for example connection of more pieces in a serie of channels, different lengths, etc. – as you require.

Floor gully  
dimensions (without flanges) 134 x 134 x 165 mm
outlet d = 50 mm
connection from the channel d = 40 mm
material AISI 304
dimensions (without flanges) 46 x 1250 (2500 mm)
width of slit 6 mm
outlet d = 40 mm
material AISI 304
  • Hole prepared for the channel bedding in compliance with technical drawing
  • Set up outlet for d = 50 mm