Shower and bathtub seats

Apart from grab bars, a shower seat is also an essential part of shower equipment. The same parallel can be drawn between a bathtub and a bathtub seat. Safe seating of a disabled person while having a shower significantly increases both their safety and their comfort. Depending on the size and possibilities of the shower, you can choose from both free-standing and wall-mounted seats and stools. The bathtub seats are adapted to the standardised dimensions of bathtubs.

The seats are made in the following variants:

  • Shower seat folding
  • Shower seat folding with support
  • Shower stool
  • Bathtub seats

Complete delivery

  • Seat (stool)
  • Fasteners (for wall-mounted variants)
  • Folding shower seat
    • Dimensions: 440x450 mm
    • Stainless tube d=32 mm
  • Folding shower seat with supporting leg
    • Dimensions: 440x450x460 mm
    • Stainless tube d=32 mm
  • Bath seat
    • Dimensions: 720x450x220 mm
    • Stainless tube d=32 mm
  • Shower stool
    • Dimensions: 440x300x478 mm
    • Stainless tube d=32 mm

The seating part is composed of plastic modules.

Anchoring of a fixed seat

Anchoring of a seat with support leg

For installation, use a drill bit with a diameter matching that of the supplied wall plugs. To attach the bar to a wall using the supplied screws and wall plugs, it is necessary to use all of the anchoring holes.

The supplied fasteners are intended for walls with adequate load-bearing capacity (solid brick, concrete). For walls made from different materials, it is necessary to choose appropriate fasteners.

The support bar is not supplied with the wall-mounted shower seat.