MSK 1 kitchen working table

MSK 1 is a kitchen working table equipped by a slot machine (token operated automat per order). The table is provided with two-plate cooker and a sink. After a coin is inserted, the cooker is switched on (cooking mode) for certain (adjustable) period of time and certain amount of hot water (dish-washing mode) is made available. Both “cooking” and “dish-washing” modes can be used concurrently.
If required, the MSK 1 kitchen can be equipped by electric outlet to connect another electric device switched on also by means of the slot machine.
Price of the service, time of cooking or electric outlet operation can be adjusted as well as the amount of hot water.
MSK 1 is manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304. Other materials (e.g. AISI 316) possible on order. For cleaning we recomnned WÜRTH detergents – material preservation (no. 0893 121 K) and material cleaning (no. 893 121 1).

Package contents

  • st.steel table with sink
  • lever mixer tap
  • electric cooker
  • coin operated automat
  • through flow water heater (MSK 1.E)
  • outlet waste trap/siphon
  • corner valves with filters (MSK 1.E – 1 pc.)
  • connecting hoses

PM 2 – coin counter

Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
MSK 1.2 On demand On demand
MSK 1.E On demand On demand
Water inlet G 1/2“
Water pressure 1 - 10 bar (0,1 – 1 MPa)
  2 - 6 bar (0,2 – 0,6 MPa)
  – recommended 0,3 MPa without air bubbles and fluctuation (MSK 1.E)
Outlet d = 50 mm
Power supply 230V, 50Hz (MSK 1.2)
  400/230V, 50Hz (MSK 1.E)
Power input 1800W (MSK 1.2)
  1800 + 3500W (MSK 1.E)
Weight 60 kg
  • Prepared water inlet.
  • Prepared power supply through main switch (cooker combination).
  • Prepared outlet d = 50 mm.

  • A
    cold water - pipe G 1/2" inner winding
  • n

  • B
    hot water - pipe G 1/2" inner winding
  • n

  • C
    el. supply - 1/N/PE, 230V, 50Hz,
    TN-S cable CYKY 3Cx2,5 (MSK 1.2)
    3/N/PE 400/230V, 50Hz,
    TN-S, cable CYKY 5Cx2,5 (MSK 1.E)
  • n

  • D
    outlet - pipe d = 50 mm