MAV 1 coin-operated control

MAV 1 is a coin-operated control intended for paid water release. The price for litre of water and currency can be set (the primary pre-set currencies are Czech crowns and EURO, other currencies to order only). After inserting a coin the amount is shown on the built-in display and the control is ready to release water. Water starts flowing by means of the START button. Water is automatically measured according to the inserted amount coins and pre-set time. The remaining amount of money is continuously shown on the display. Water can be turned off by means of the STOP button and turned on again by means of the START button. The amount of water (dosage) can be increased by inserting more coins at any time.
The valve for water dosing and the water meter must be protected against freezing in the case of all-year operation. The system must be equipped with a blow valve.
Coin-operated control MAV 1 can be equipped with a coin counter PM 1 to order.

Package contents

  • stainless steel casing
  • coin scanner
  • electronics
  • box for coins
  • casing of the box with lock
  • electromagnetic valve
  • water meter with transmitter

PM 2 – coin counter
frame with lock cover

Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
MAV 1 On demand On demand
Water inlet G1/2”
Water pressure 1 - 10 bar (0,1 – 1,0MPa)
Power supply 12V, 50Hz
Power requirement 15VA (25VA peak time while scanning coins)
Source of power supply ZAC 1/50
Types of coins 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 CZK; 0,1; 0,2; 0,5; 1; 2 EUR and tokens ZT 2; other coins made to order
Max. amount of water according to rate per litre
Adjusted rate per liter of water 0,005 – 0,5 EUR
Weight 3,4kg
  • Set up cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC
  • Set up alcove for coin-operated control installation
  • Set up water distribution
  • Connection of electricity to individual configuration elements is set up as per schema

Example of configuration connection

Example of configuration connection

  • *
    is not part of the delivery - for completion needs to be ordered separately