ASO 05 dryer for 2 coats

ASO 05 is a clothes dryer designed for two coats that works on the principle of forced heated-air flow. The dryer shall be attached to wall by means of expansion bolts and sockets. The dryer is to be connected to a plug by means of a jack cord. To control the drying time setting it is favourable to equip the dryer with a clock switch. The dryer reduces the time of drying to 1/3 in comparison to free drying at 20°C.

Package contents

  • Dryer with heating cable and driving fan
  • Connection jack cord
  • Fittings
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
ASO 05 On demand On demand
Power input 320 VA (300 VA heating, 20 VA fan ventilator)
Power supply 230V, 50 Hz
Air temperature cca 20 °c above surrounding temperature
Number of coats 2
  • Set up power supply 230 V, 50 Hz with 10 A circuit breaker, single-phase plug 1+N+PE, appropriate to the environment


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