TRM 02 electromechanical turnstile

The TRM 02 is an electromechanical turnstile is intended for use in factories with controlled access. It can be connected to devices with conditional access such as hygienic loops (hand disinfection devices, boots cleaner, …) nebo coin-/token- automat. Conditional pass-through can be set for both directions or just one. The other one, then, is free to pass-through. In case of power outage the turnstile arm is tilted down in order to have free access without any barrier (anti-panic system that is required by fire brigade standards when the building is approved). This tilting can be forced via a remote button someplace else (eg. Reception desk).

The casing of TRM 02 is made of a stainless steel AISI 304 with brushed finish. It can be customized and made with sand blasting (ballotine) and matte finish. On the sides there are signal lights indicating pass-through direction. Power input is required of 12 V / 50 Hz via power supply ZAC 1/50. It is not shipped with the turnstile.

For product maintenance it is recommended to use Würth detergent – preservation (product no. 0893 121 K), cleaning (product no. 893 121 1).

The turnstile TRM 02 is made in two versions:

  • TRM 02.Z – electromechanical turnstile wall-hung
  • TRM 02.S – electromechanical turnstile stand-alone

Package contents

  • Turnstile
  • Installation materiál
protection class IP 43
power input 12 V / 50 Hz
power consumption max. 50 VA
weight 52 kg
size TRM 02.S: 455 x 1015 x 312 (+arm 478) mm
TRM 02.Z: 455 x 296 x 312 (+arm 478) mm
  • cables prepared for power input
  • surface for mounting the turnstile