BDZ 01 disinfection ford for concealed mounting

The BDZ 01 is disinfecting ford intended for concealed mounting on the floor. Disinfection of working shoes is ensured when walking through the determined area. The height level of the disinfectant liquid is regulated by throwing up the socket of the spillway. The ford can be emptied by taking out the spillway. Removable grids make maintenance and cleaning easy. The upper edge of the ford is set at the level of the floor.
Disinfection liquid is not part of the delivery.

Package contents

  • ford body
  • stepping grids 3 pcs
  • spillway socket
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
BDZ 01 On demand On demand
Outlet d = 75 mm
Amount of disinfectant liquid approx. 140 l
Weight 83 kg
  • A gap in the floor 2300 x 1050 – depth 250 mm
  • Setup outlet d = 63 mm via effluvial cover

  • D
    outlet d = 63 mm


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