ASO 02 automatic wellington dryer

ASO 02 is a wellington dryer with forced air circulation and electric heating. The unit’s principal construction enables a choice of sizes according to the required number of pairs of shoes to be dried. From 1 up to 4 separate drying units can be placed on the carrying frame and each is designed for five pairs of shoes. Each unit is equipped with its own fan to ensure sufficient air circulation. The air is heated by means of an electric heating body. The drying time is pre-set by means of switch clock. Air outlets are equipped with clacks that are automatically closed after putting shoes on.

Package contents

  • carrying frame of the dryer
  • drying units (1 – 4 pcs per type of dryer)
  • control panel control panel
  • fans (1 – 4 pcs per type of dryer)
  • connecting cable with fork
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
ASO 02.1 On demand On demand
ASO 02.2 On demand On demand
ASO 02.3 On demand On demand
ASO 02.4 On demand On demand
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Air temperature 15 °C above temperature of surrounding
Time of drying min. 15 minutes (setting switch clock)
ASO 02.1  
Number of pairs 5
Power requirement 320 W
Weight 22 kg
ASO 02.2  
Number of pairs 10
Power requirement 640 W
Weight 36 kg
ASO 02.3  
Number of pairs 15
Power requirement 960 W
Weight 50 kg
ASO 02.4  
Number of pairs 20
Power requirement 1 280 W
Weight 64 kg
  • Set up power supply – 230 V, 50 Hz – cable CYKY 3Cx1,5-2,5 protected by circuit breaker of 10 A and ended with f plug.
  • Attention! The ASO 02 automatic dryer can be installed only in certain premises according to norm ČSN 32 20 00 – 3 and ČSN 32 20 00 – 5 – 51
  • Increased protection to IP 54 can be made to order.

  • C
    electricity supply
  • n

  • G
    air outlet
  • n

  • L
    connecting cable with forked end (2 m)


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