COS 2 device for time-controlled flushing of urinals and trough

COS 2 is a device for time-controlled flushing of a single urinal trough. It contains a switching clock with 24-hour cycle, on which the user can set the operating time. At that time, the valve flushes cyclically. The flushing time and the time between flushing can be set. The display shows the time to the flushing. By pushing the button, you can enable flushing outside the preset cycle. Control can be installed outside the social facility to prevent unauthorized handling or its damage.

Supply voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Output voltage 12 V, 50 Hz
Maximum output load 8 VA
  • Water distribution executed to the individual urinals or trough.
  • Water inlet prepared to the 1" electromagnetic valve (included in the delivery).
  • Electric interconnection of the control box and electromagnetic valve prepared.
  • Power supply of 230V to the control box prepared.