KZ1 cantilever for wall hung WC

Our cantilevers assure a steady load between the floor and the walling. This allows the wall-hang closets to be fixed onto the walls with a lower load capacity. Cantilevers are not suitable for mounting onto a plaster slabs. It is possible to fix the cantilever by notching or by using a frontal brick walling.
The KZ 1 cantilever is intended for hanging a closet onto bearing pins.

Advantages of the KZ 1:

  • for hanging closets with spacing of assembly screws 180 and 230 mm
  • setting of the sitting height in the range of 390 – 490 mm (suitable for handicapped modification)
  • outflow pipe diameter 90 – 120 mm
  • spacing between inlet and outlet
  • setting of the distance of connecting armatures of outflow pipes towards other parts of the cantilever
  • pipes 135 – 175 mm

    • A
      water inlet


  • B
    water outlet