AUZ 03 stainless steel wall-mounted toilet

AUZ 03 is a stainless steel wall-mounted toilet in vandal-resistant design. Spacing for mounting is same as with standard ceramic toilet. Additionally it is fitted with stainless steel caps preventing user´s access to fixing screws. Possibility of stealing is thus significantly reduced.
To increase its resistancy to vandalism the toilet is standardly delivered without the seat. The sitting part is made of 3 mm thick st.steel and the edges are grinded round. AUZ 03 is intended for areas with higher possibility of damage to the products.
A set with an AUZ 3 automatic flushing system (eventually with BSAZ 01) and KZ 1 cantilever, or with an AUZ 5 (in-wall toilet module) flushing system can be completed. The AUZ 3 and AUZ 5 flushing systems and KZ1 cantilever need to be ordered separately.
AUZ 01 is manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304. Other materials e.g. (AISI 316) possible on order. For cleaning we recomnned WÜRTH detergents – material preservation (no. 0893 121 K) and material cleaning (no. 893 121 1).

Package contents

  • stainless steel toilet
  • anchoring material

KZ 1 – cantilever for the wall-hang closet AUZ 03
AUZ 3 – automatic flushing system of the closet
AUZ 5 – II – automatic flushing system in the in-wall module

Water inlet d = 34 - 50 mm
Min. water flow 70 l/min
Outlet d = 90 mm
Spacing between fixing screws 180 mm
Weight 16 kg
  • Set-up water inlet - according to the scheme
  • Set-up outlet d = 110 mm with sealing for pipe d = 90 mm
  • Set-up the cantilever or other system for hanging the toilet

  • A
    water inlet
  • n

  • D


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