VL 01 stainless steel bucket sink

VL 01 is a stainless steel bucket sink with full-open grid designed for food operations and kitchens. Its construction ensures resistance against damages and the full-open grid can serve as for putting a bucket or for filling and pouring the water. The sink can be fixed onto a wall by means of cantilever KV 1 or put to a free space on stand SV 01.
Bucket sinks than mentioned in catalogue as standard with other dimensions of sink and outlet can be made as per order.
The VL 01 stainless steel bucket sink, in its construction and finish, meets EU standards. It is designed for food operations.

Package contents

  • sink
  • full-open grid
  • pipe siphon

KV – wall-mounted cantilever
SV – free space stand

Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
KV 01 On demand On demand
SV 01 On demand On demand
VL 01 On demand On demand
Outlet 75 mm
Clear opening of the outlet 56 mm
Inner dimension of the sink 400 x 500 x 300 mm
Weight 18,0 kg
  • Set-up outlet 75 mm

  • D


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