AUM 028Z a AUM 028Z.CL st. steel wall mounted washbasin with sheathing, AISI 304 or AISI 316

AUM 028Z is a robust washbasin with sheathing, completely made of st. steel either AISI 304 or AISI 316 (AUM 028Z.CL) in 1,5 mm thickness. Standardly it has opening 33 mm for faucet. It can be made without opening for wall mounted tap on order.

The washbasin AUM 028 is possible to order with automatic sensor faucet AUM 3 in all versions – for one premixed water, for hot and cold water, with thermostatic valve. Supplied with 12V from ZAC or with 6V from batteries (4x AA).

The washbasin is manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. For cleaning we recomnned WÜRTH detergents – material preservation (no. 0893 121 K) and material cleaning (no. 893 121 1).

Package contents

  • st. steel washbasin with opening for tap
  • plastic siphon including waste trap
  • installation bar
  • mounting material
  • for versions with automatic tap – complete set for tap installation (including connecting hoses and corner valves)
  • 4x AA batteries – for versions supplied from batteries

other type of sensor tap
other dimensions of washbasin
welded st. steel siphon
ZAC – source of power supply 12 V, 50 Hz

Material st. steel AISI 304, thickness 1,5 mm
st. steel AISI 316, thickness. 1,5 mm (version type .CL)
Dimensions 595 x 445 x 150 mm
Outlet d = 40 mm
Water inlet G 1/2" (versions with aut. tap)
Power requirement 6 VA (12V versions for one water and with thermostatic valve)
10 VA (12V hot and cold water version)
Power supply 12 V, 50 Hz (AUM 028Z.1; AUM 028Z.2; AUM 028Z.TV, including versions .CL)
6 V (4 x AA battery) - (AUM 028Z.1B; AUM 028Z.2B; AUM 028Z.TVB, including versions .CL)
Source of power supply ZAC 1/20 (max. 3x AUM 028Z.1; AUM 028Z.TV; max 2 x AUM 028Z.2; including versions .CL)
ZAC 1/50 (max. 8x AUM 028Z.1; AUM 028Z.TV; max 5 x AUM 028Z.2; including versions .CL)
ZAC 1/36L (max. 6x AUM 028Z.1; AUM 028Z.TV; max 3 x AUM 028Z.2; including versions .CL)
Water pressure 1 - 10 Bar (for 12 V versions)
2 - 8 Bar (for 6 V versions)
  • Set up outlet d = 40 mm according to the scheme.
  • Set up power supply cable from ZAC - only for 12 V versions.
  • Set up water inlet pipe(s) G 1/2" according to faucet installation requirements.