AUL 06 st. steel wall mounted wash trough

AUL 06 is a stainless steel wall mounted trough with casing. Its construction enables installation of outflow arms, or sensor-controlled taps. The standard version of the trough is without openings for the taps. Openings can be made on a request.

We offer also washbasins AUM 030 and AUM 029 in similar design. Thus long troughs and smaller washbasins can be combined in one space with no need for design change.

Outlet of trough is standardly on the right side (in frontal view). Left sided outlet can be made on order (must be noted) AUL 06 wash trough is intended, thanks to its design, for washrooms and changing rooms in food production industry.

Lenght of the troughs can be adapted according to project’s data sheet. Data sheet acceptance is must.

Package contents

  • st. steel wash trough
  • cantilever
  • mounting material

left sided outlet
openings 33 mm for faucets
other lengths
other dimensions

general dimensions L x 430 x 190 mm
outlet opening for 6/4" standrd washbasin siphon
material st. steel AISI 304, thickness 1,5 mm (AUL 06.1 a AUL 06.2 - 1,2 mm)
  • Set up outlet in accordance with used siphon

  • D – outlet