Complete toilets reconstruction at the ice hockey arena in Příbram which serves its visitors. Part of the delivery consists of two custom products. One of them is AUL 06 wash basin produced directly for the installation site as well as a large U-shaped urinal trough.

Range of project

  • Custom AUL 06 + stainless steel syphon – wall-mounted jacketed stainless steel trough
  • VT 4 – wall-mounted push valve with a rotational water tap
  • AUZ 03 – wall-mounted antivandal stainless steel closet
  • Custom ZP 02 ,,U-shaped“ – Built-in stainless steel urinal trough
  • COS 3 – Device for time-controlled flushing

Place of realization

Ice hockey arena Příbram, Legionářů 378, 261 01 Příbram VII


Sportovní zařízení města Příbram

Building company

MTStav Příbram, s.r.o.