NZE Exterior stainless steel door frame

NZE stainless steel door frame is designated for exterior door NDE. Due to its unique system of hinge fixing through vertical pins, it cannot be used for another door type. The door can be additionally locked in the hinges, thus reducing inaccuracy during installation. The door fixing has also been adapted to eliminate the impact of the sun/shade transition and thus the given differing expandability of stainless material at various temperatures.

The standard NZE door frame is made with the depth of 130 mm for fitting in a wall of at least 100 mm.

We make standard door frames for 700, 800 and 900 mm doors, right- and left-handed versions. Other dimensions to order, e.g. 1000 mm. The stainless steel door can be fitted with a skylight with (safety) glass, coin control for paid entrance, ventilation, or another custom-made element.

Door frames cannot be ordered separately (always with NDE and NZE).

skylight with (safety) glass
coin-operated automated machine for paid entrance MAD
door frame for other door size

outer dimensions (width x height) – minimum building aperture 900/1000/1100 x 2055 mm
Material AISI 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm – surface treated by brushing
door frame thickness 130 mm


Drawing of a door frame NZE including door NDE

Schéma nerezových zárubní NZE včetně nerezových dveří NDE


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