BSAZ 01 anti-vandal toilet flushing device

BSAZ 01 01 is an inbuilt safety toilet flushing device designated to be inbuilt to wall. With its robust construction, it has been designed for pressure flushing of toilets in spaces with an increased risk of intentional damage (public toilets, prisons, etc.). The front part of the flushing device consists of integrated rust-free sheet metal 3 mm thick. The front panel includes an anti-vandal control button. The cover is mounted to an inbuilt mount box with a fitting by safety screws.
Function description:
An electromagnetic valve is opened – power water is released for a specified preset time (by the facility manager) after pressing the button. To flush again, press the button once more. If the button is violently locked in a pressed position there will be no more water after the first cycle. The flushing device includes the “forced break” function – the device does not work for a preset time after two flushing cycles, which considerably saves water. It is therefore not possible to flush all the time and waste water.

Package contents

  • installation casket with electronics, solenoid valve and bolting
  • cover plate with anti-vandal button

BSAZ 01 – anti-vandal toilet flushing device

Cover plate dimensions 250 x 180 mm
Power supply 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement max. 6 VA
Water pressure 1 - 10 Bar (0,1 - 1 MPa)
Adjustable time of water flow 1 s - 250 s in 1 s
Adjustable time of enforced pause 10 s - 42,5 min in 10 s
  • Set-up alcove¨230 x 160 x 120 mm for installation casket
  • Set-up cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC
  • Set-up water inlet