VAZ 2 coin operated automat for ZT 1 tokens release – 500 pcs. max.

VAZ 2 is coin operated ZT 1 token (token for ZA token automats) release unit. After inserting credit, automat release defined amount of tokens. Price (in CZK or EUR) of released token is adjustable by operator. Automat generaly accepts two currencies – in standard version CZK, EUR, other currencies can be programmed for order. VAZ 2 is constructed for recessed installation into perimeter wall. Automat is protected by 3 mm thick frontal st. steel sheet. Access inside the automat and to the cash box is possible from backside, after oen the doors by key.

Automat is suitable for service, where more token operated units are in operation and where is no non-stop desk service, where is possible to buy tokens. After inserting coins, whole amount is diplayed and tokens start to be relased. Displayd amount is being diminished token by token. If the amount is smaller than required price for token, releasing stops. When cartridge of token is empty, automat does not accepts any coins. It is possible to conect signalling to desk (reception), which signals when amount of tokes in cartridge falls under 100 pcs.

Package contents

  • coin operated unit in st. steel assembly box
  • electronics
  • 5x cartridge for 100 tokens
  • assembly fittings
supply voltage 12 V, 50 Hz
required power 2 VA (basic), 25 VA (while releasing)
dimensions 440 x 690 x 260 mm
weight 30 kg
  • Set the opening for recessed installation in dimensionsn 420 x 670 x min. 260 mm
  • Set the supply cable with voltage 12 V, 50 Hz as is shown on data sheet (cca 50 mm from the edge and 50 mm from frontal wall)
  • In case of requirement for signalling of run out tokens - set two line cable as is shown on data sheet (cca 50 mm from the edge and 50 mm from frontal wall)

  • C
    supply of electricity 12 V, 50 Hz and signalling