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AFO 02-II is a stainless steel drinking fountain of modern design with a manual press valve that allows its easy use. The water flows only when the valve is pressed and then there is a certain adjusted time to rinse out the nozzle

The stainless steel fountain AFO 02-II is suitable mainly for schools, medical facilities and spa resorts, and is utilizable outdoors.

AFO 02-II is manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304. AFO 02.CL-II is made of the stainless steel AISI 316 and is suitable for places with higher concentration of chlorine.

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27.09.2016 - Installation videos

The innovation on the AZP Brno s.r.o. website includes installation videos, providing help with installation of our products not only to experienced installers and fitters, but also to common users of social and other equipment in the industry, gastronomic facilities, hotels, administrative buildings, schools, wellness and fitness centres, swimming pools, aquaparks, pools and camps.

In total, 5 videos in 3 language versions visually demonstrate installation and servicing of the most favourite products we manufacture. You can watch the videos:

- cleaning of the electromagnetic valve (electromagnetic valves)

- installation of the urinal with automatic IQ flushing device (automatic urinals)

- change in the setting of the urinal with IQ flushing device (automatic urinals)

- installation of the token shower automat (token automats)

- shower setting with a magnet (automatic shower batteries)

In the case of malfunction or fault of the product, visit the section FAQ-frequently-asked-questions. Here you can find the most frequent questions and instructions as to how to deal with specific faults. If the fault persists, contact our service department at servis@azp.cz.

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26.09.2016 - Elegant black colour also in your bathrooms

All versions of stainless-steel closets, including the design for the disabled, can be also ordered with the seat in black colour (order code with the .CS mark – such as AUZ 01.CS).

Contrary to the series of conventional closets with grey seats, the black seat versions are suitable as a design supplement to various rooms. Particularly, they are popular as a part of equipment of manufacturing halls and prisons; newly, they have become a trend in the public sector, such as wine restaurants, coffee rooms, public social facilities, etc. Thanks to the quality processing and Czech manufacture, the designers often propose them as an unconventional element of their projects.

25.08.2016 - Surface finish on your wish
In order to meet customer needs, you can now choose the surface finish which you like most. We are offering following surface finishing of our products:

- matt (sandblasted)
- satin (brushed)
- shiny (polished)

Possible options of surface finish should be consulted with our sales representative. For each product there are different technological procedures and options of surface finishing. Therefore, consultation with our specialist and calculation of product´s final price is necessary before starting the production. The standard surface finish of our products is matt.

16.06.2016 - NEW sensor operated taps
We are now offering new water taps with interesting design, including the waterfall tap. Also the water temperature setting is now solved in new ways. You can find all details in the section sensor operated taps for washbasins.

The new taps are:
AUM 20 - setting of the water temperature by means of the mixing valve hidden under the washbasin
AUM 21 - setting of the water temperature by means of the mixing valve with top regulation
AUM 22 - setting of the water temperature by means of the mixing valve with side regulation
AUM 23 - waterfall tap with setting of the water temperature by means of the mixing valve hidden under the washbasin

10.06.2016 - We introduce new technologies of surface treatment of stainless steel products
Newly, we offer Komaxit-coated stainless-steel urinals. The wide colour scheme enables their location in rooms with tuned colours, from business centres, administrative buildings schools, to museums and galleries, where they can stand out perfectly thanks to their appearance. From the permanent series of products, we use Komaxit-coating, for instance, for colourful misting flowers and solar shower columns SPS 02 and SPS 03, which use solar radiation to heat up water (the back side of the columns is provided with black Komaxit coating). What is Komaxit? This is a powder coating , surface finish of metals by means of powder plastics applied electrostatically (therefore, it can only be used for conductive metal elements). Advantages of the Komaxit surface finish: - high quality - uniform application - long-term service life - environmental friendliness - suitable also for purposes of the food industry and gastronomic facilities (containing no harmful substances) If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales department .

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