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Company profil

The Company was established in 1992 and its name creates initial letters family names of the owners - Antonin and Zdenek Pytlicek. AZP Brno Ltd is a Czech-owned company that offers products corresponding to the world-wide quality and recently belongs among top companies in the field of sensor automatic sanitary equipment in the Czech Republic. Recently, the company has been an attractive partner for world-wide producers of sanitary equipment and consequently co-operates with Jika Company, member of Laufen group, in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its flexibility and high credibility AZP Brno Ltd. has become sought after partner.

Production program

A wide product portfolio is separated into three branch programs: Aqua program include flushing systems of urinals and WC, wash basin and shower taps and stainless steel urinals, closets or drink fountains. Stainless steel program is mainly designed for food industry that offer wide range of stainless steel basins and sinks set up with contactless taps, stainless steel sinks, sanitary basins etc. The company also offers atypical products based on clients specific requirements. Coin and token dispensers are designed to operate showers, door opening automats and other electronic appliances. Those products become very popular among summer camp owners.

Appraisal and Certification

In 1997 the Company was appraised by a Golden Medal during the Trade Fair Aqua-Therm, at that time granted to new product AUP 3.

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